Make an appointment

If you want to make an appointment for an ECV attempt, you will be referred by your own midwife or doctor. She will contact the ECV practitioner and will coordinate with her how you will be informed about the place, date and time.

You don’t need to contact the ECV practitioner yourself.
We always ask you to give (verbal) permission to share your midwifery data with the ECV practitioner. Usually, this is your pregnancy record. Your file will be sent electronically and securely.

We also would like to collect data and information regarding your ECV and from your delivery following this. We do this so that we can improve our care. For this too, we need your consent.

If you have any questions or problems after an ECV attempt, always call your own midwifery care provider immediately.
If you do not choose to have an ECV or if your baby is not lying head down despite the attempts to turn him/her, you will be referred to the outpatient obstetric clinic of the OLVG-West. Your own midwife arranges this appointment for you in consultation with the ECV practitioner.